The Talon Group focuses on serving its clients in the arena of public relations by offering services for the niche client who needs a message, a messenger and distribution channels in the digital, print and word of mouth spaces. Our principals focus on efforts in the following broad categories: government affairs, communications, and issues advocacy.

In essence, we influence policy and/or gain public support for corporations or causes through proper messaging and interaction. Additionally, our firm utilizes its online capabilities to round off its clients' public relations strategy through social media, website design, email marketing and e-commerce/online advertising.

Throughout the past decade, our Principals have been on the forefront of highly charged issues by passing legislation, consulting politicians, crafting sensitive messages and coordinating grassroots efforts.

Given current budget restraints in marketing and lobbying, hiring a one stop shop that runs the gambit in branding, messaging, advocacy and business development is essential for a successful and growing business.

The Talon Group is eager to put its experience to work for you.